Custom tree propagation of the best apples from Purdue!

Pixie Crunch (PP 13871)

The Best U-Pick variety on the market!

Bright red (even in warmer districts), sweet and crisp, fruit hangs well to the tree with a picking window of 14 or more days. Full flavor and very crisp, it matures just after Honeycrisp. Very precocious and productive, often bearing its first crop the 2nd year after planting. Except in extremely rich soils it needs to be on more vigorous rootstocks.

Sundance (PP 13879)

Packaged Lemonade

Blushed pink over yellow with a Lemonade flavor that does not exist in any other apple. Very large and matures with Granny Smith. At room temperature it retains its excellent crispness for 7 or more days. Due to its resistance to all major diseases (including Cedar Rust) it is ideal for more southern districts.

“In its first year of U-Pick sales, Pixie sold out in four hours at the same price as Honeycrisp. Much to our surprise many of our longtime customers preferred Pixie over Honeycrisp due to its smaller size and sweeter flavor. I think Pixie is the best kept secret of the apple world.”

Mitch Lynd
Lynd Fruit Farm
Pataskala, OH

“Sundance is something special in that it is resistant to all major diseases which makes it especially conducive to be grown in more southern districts where Cedar Rust is a huge problem. Also at maturity (late October/early November) it has one of the most unique “lemon-ade” flavors I’ve ever eaten. And it can be incredibly large, often approaching 4” in diameter.”

Ed Fackler
Cofounder of Midwest
Apple Improvement Association
New Salisbury, IN

Bakers Delight™ Apple Tree

Dessert Has Never Tasted so Good!

A superb baking and dessert apple, our newest introduction has the richest, most complex flavor you can get from an early to mid-September ripening apple. Medium-sized apples have a tender texture which cooks up perfectly and do not brown easily when cut. An extremely heavy annual bearer, and apples hang on the tree for an extended period with no loss in flavor quality. Zones 5-8. PPAF.

Crunch-A-Bunch™ Apple Tree

Crunch-A-Bunch™ Apple Tree-- The Best Tasting Golden Apple You'll Ever Eat!

We're proud to offer a new and improved version of the beloved Goldrush Apple! Retaining Goldrush's bright, intense flavor and long storage time, Crunch-A-Bunch™ proudly announces its improved texture with a loud and delicious CRUNCH! This strikingly flawless, golden skinned beauty ripens to perfection in mid-September and often blushes bright pink. Its sweet-tart flavor hints a tropical twist of pineapple and is perfect for snacking, baking and cider—a winner in multiple blind taste tests! Resistant to Scab and Fire Blight, Crunch-A-Bunch™ is the amazing result of the dedication and hard work of many apple growers, breeders and enthusiasts. Zones 5-8. PPAF

New Bush Cherries! Great for Over-the-row mechanical harvesting & Upick operations.



The Best for Juice!

Slightly larger, sweeter and juicier than Carmine Jewel, Romeo cherries are ideal for making juice. The sweet-tart fruits, with the high flesh to pit ratio, are also good for baking, canning and fresh eating. Producing up to 25 pounds of fruit per bush, Romeo ripens about two weeks later than Juliet and Carmine Jewel. Extremely cold hardy.

Carmine Jewel

Carmine Jewel

The Best for Drying!

The result of over 50 years of conventional breeding. The purplish-red fruit has a high flesh to pit ratio, and its balance of high sugars and acids create a rich sweet-tart flavor. Because the Carmine Jewel has a firmer flesh and less juice than Romeo, it’s the best choice dried fruit products and freezing. Ripens earlier than Romeo and produces 20-25 lbs. of fruit at maturity. Growing up to 6.5-ft tall and selected for low suckering. Hardy to -45F.



The Best for U-Pick and Eating Fresh!

With average sugars at 20-brix and notable lower acidity makes these dark red cherries the absolute best for fresh eating. With its fullsized fruits, weighing an average of 5 grams, and dwarf habit, the newly-introduced Juliet is also an ideal choice for u-pick operations. The fruits have large pits that are still easily removed with crank and mechanical pitting. These cherries are significantly easier to maintain manage and harvest than conventional cherry trees. Extremely cold hardy.

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